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Circuits for Mums
Katie says... 'We loved our first circuits class! My little one had a ball playing with all the toys provided and everyone was really friendly and welcoming. We're already looking to see which other classes we can get to! Would highly recommend'
Slinga Circuits Fitness for Mums is a session in a loop format in which your little ones are welcome to come along while you exercise.

The classes will be run on an informal basis whereby you exercise at each station at your own pace, with each being altered to suit your requirements. You can stop at any time to tend to your little ones, though they should be kept occupied with the range of toys provided, so you know they are safe and happy whilst you sweat!

What happens?
- Group warm up
- Then set off on Circuits
- Each activity will have levels; beginner, intermediate, hard
- Babywearing option possible for this class!
- Cool down together

The sessions last 1 1/2 hours with that split between fitness & social time (The fitness should be done by 10:30 so 
you can get off sooner if you need :)

Lots of toys & mats will be provided to keep your little ones occupied; older children & multiples welcome!
Even slides & ride on's for the older ones!

What activities should I expect?
Each session will see different circuits available!
From bodyweight activities such as squats and planks, to equipment including but not limited to:
Barbell, dumbbell, step, battle rope, hula hoop, kettle bells, medicine balls, and so much more! Do not fear any! Each activity will have instructions with different levels of difficulty, with me on hand to assist and help out if required

How do I book?
Standard booking for Slinga Fitness! PAR-Q forms must be completed by all customers before attending classes; customers must be a minimum of 6 weeks postpartum if natural birth, up to 10-12 weeks for c-section. If you have already completed a PAR-Q form for babywearing fitness, then you do not need to complete another unless anything particularly has changed on the form

Circuits Fitness Booking details:

Christ Church Parish Centre, North Shields
Thursdays 9:30am - 10:45am

27th September - 25th October including Halloween Special

8th November - 13th December including Christmas Special

£25 per course or £40 to join both, message to book your place. Limited spaces to offer best experiences so don't delay!

Included in the course you will get;
Support, encouragement & advice throughout
Guilt-free as your little one benefits too
Online group for communication & topics with Maddy & Class
Social time as well, including hot drinks & nibbles, offering so much more
The benefits of signing up to the full course is huge, and very affordable so what are you waiting for?

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