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All New'Slinga' Babywearing Class
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'Slinga' Babywearing is a personal trainer led group based session in which your little one attends with you in a baby carrier. It carries the same concepts as the standard Babywearing Fitness classes, but on a much lighter level...

You dance yourself fit! In this simple & safe aerobic class with no equipment needed other than your little one in a carrier; think Zumba, but with babies and cheesier!

This is the perfect return to fitness class (Postpartum), or for those looking for a lighter, more enjoyable bonding class, perfect for both you & your little one!

The sessions will be run in a semi-structured format whereby you can participate at your own pace, with each routine being altered to suit your requirements with postnatal fitness and babywearing safety at the forefront of the classes design.

You can stop at any time to tend to your little ones, and jump back in when you are ready. Like all the classes offered, there will be toys,mats, etc still provided if you do not want to 'wear' the full class so you can still join in. Also, there will be ergonomic baby carriers available for use during the class, however you are welcome to use your own (once agreed with instructor it is safe enough for class use).

After class, its time to socialise! Expect hot drinks & nibbles, time to chat with others and for little ones to play. much deserved for all after your hard work in class!

Slinga Babywearing Fitness offers you:

- A fun, upbeat and social way to get fit with your little one

- Bonding as well as all the benefits babywearing offers

- No childcare worries

Please see below for carrier safety as well as extra details for the class!

Class details for 'Slinga' Fitness:

11:30am - 12:30pm
Christ Church Parish Centre, North Shields
16th May - 27th June (excluding 30th May for holidays)

Early bird pricing: £22.50
Standard pricing: £27

(PAYG & alternative pricing options available)

​Or try Babywearing Fitness Thursdays & Fridays

Please register your details below to be the first to take part in the babywearing classes; places will go on a first come, first served basis and your place is only guaranteed once payment is received and confirmation given

Location, day or time not suit? Please still fill out the form referencing the waiting list and please let me know where and when you would want the sessions to run so I can set up according to the interest in different locations
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TICKS used with permission of the UK Sling Consortium  

Pre class checks
Prior to joining any of the classes Slinga Fitness offers, you will be required to undergo health checks to ensure you are fit and able to participate as well as ensuring all health implications are known in order to adapt and alter sessions accordingly.

The pre checks are entirely confidential and will include a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness - Questionnaire), an informed consent document, as well as other health checks to ensure you and baby are fully able to participate with Slinga Fitness safely; health and safety is paramount!

Benefits for you

Benefits for baby

- Improve posture
- Improve pelvic floor
- Strengthen your core
- Strengthen your abdominal muscles
- Promote weight loss and toning
- Improve your cardiovascular fitness
- Improve your overall wellbeing; increases your energy levels
- Improve your mood; relieve your stresses!
- Help to prevent postpartum depression
- Alternatives & adaptations will be given for conditions such as SPD, Pelvic girdle pain and diastasis recti (must be informed prior to start on health checks)

Enables you to look after your little one, whilst you look after you!
- Postural strengthening; similar to 'tummy time'
- Known to cry less, settle quicker
- Music stimulation & enjoyment
- Provides opportunities for interaction with you, & others
- Promotes bonding
- Contentment, relaxation and an opportunity to sleep!
- Reduce reflux
- Optimal state for learning; 'quiet alertness'

Happy, Healthy Parent
equals a
Happy and Healthy Baby!